About Craftcoin

Based on Litecoin, Craftcoin (CRC) is a peer-to-peer, decentralized cryptographic currency designed to be a portable in-game currency for Minecraft servers. Crafted as a means to purchase in-game items on Minecraft servers, Craftcoin uses scrypt as its proof of work scheme and is absolutely free for anybody to use for both private and commercial use.

Getting Started

Get your Craftcoin wallet ready to begin mining and trading CRC. You can download the wallet only or any of the following combination: Craftcoin wallet, server plugin, or Minecraft server. If you’re new to using CRC, then you should download the wallet first so you’ll be able to send and receive CRC anytime, anywhere, to anybody in an instant.


Once your wallet is set up, it’s time to do some Craftcoin mining. New Craftcoins are produced 24/7/365 in a 5-minute interval, with a block reward of 10 coins. Remember, though, that there are lots of miners out there, so you’re essentially in a competition with other miners. As planned, there will be a total of 100 million coins to be produced, and only 23,223 coins have been generated. This only means that there are still plenty more blocks that need to be solved; hence, many more tasks await Craftcoin (CRC) miners.

Additionally, miners should also note that the Craftcoin difficulty is way higher when compared with other crypto-currencies. With almost 24,000 blocks generated, miners should already be able to assess how constant or irregular they will earn coin rewards.

On the other hand, if solo mining is not included in your bucket list, there’s also an option to join a Craftcoin mining pool. Here you can receive small yet constant amounts of CRC once your pool solves a block. Keep in mind, though, that there are certain requirements and pool fees when you mine in pools. To find available pools that allow Craftcoin mining, keep an eye on the advertised pools on this crypto-currency’s website.

Likewise, you can use a Craftcoin calculator to get an estimate of your expected earnings. You can adjust the time frame – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly – to see if your mining efforts are/will be profitable.

While mining requires massive computing power and consumes a lot of time in order to get coin rewards, Craftcoin faucet serves as a great alternative for those who would like to try their hands with using this crypto-currency. These faucets will provide you with limited supply of free coins; however, you need to wait for cool down periods to regulate its usage.

Craftcoin (CRC) Exchange

Craftcoin (CRC) is currently included in the Bitcoin market only and is traded in various exchanges such as Cryptsy and Coins-E. Based on the exchange rate charts, it’s evident that CRC poses steady exchange rate stability. Although this crypto-currency is struggling against high fluctuations, it appears that the Craftcoin price/value is showing a slow yet stable increase in the trading markets.

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